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Stage6 R / T & egrave; proud to present the new Stage6 R / T FL100 kit, consisting of cylinder kit, crankshaft and muffler.
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The kit & egrave; composed of the following components:
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1x Stage6 R / T 100cc FL cylinder kit
1x Crankshaft 47mm stroke / 100mm connecting rod for Malossi C- crankcase One / RC-One with dedicated oil seals
1x Stage6 R / T 100FL Dragrace muffler
This engine kit represents the maximum expression of the development conducted by Stage6 in recent years and & egrave; the result of countless bench tests and track tests. 100cc displacement (52 mm bore / 47 mm stroke / 100 mm connecting rod). The engine components, designed and matched to each other, guarantee unprecedented power before today and maximum driving fun.
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The kit & egrave; designed for use on flanged crankcases, such as 2Fast Passion, Malossi C-One, Malossi RC-One, Polini P.R.E. and TPR Factory. The power unleashed by this Stage6 R / T FL 100cc engine raises the bar, taking scooter racing to new heights. Standard Plug & amp; Play performance is truly extreme. C '& egrave; however, all the material necessary to allow the most preparers; smart to make a difference. The first preparers, test drivers of the pre-series, in a short time broke through the 40CV wall.
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If you combine the dedicated components (Stage6 R / T digital internal rotor ignition , Stage6 R / T oversize CVT kit, Stage6 R / T PWK carburetor (min.34mm), Stage6 reed valve by V-force and longer ratios), 40 HP at the rear wheel are within everyone's reach!
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Technical specifications:
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Aluminum cylinder FL 100 cc with 52 mm bore, 6 transfer ports and exhaust with cross member
Crankshaft FL 100 47 mm stroke / 100 mm connecting rod shoulders d.79 mm, 6 inserts in high density tungsten, crank pin 20mm, connecting rod machined from solid and roller cage 14x17x16.6mm
FL 100cc muffler with straight pin (drag racing version) and orange anodized CNC aluminum silencer
FKM oil seals 18 x 28 x 7 mm and 20 x 30 x 5 mm. < / div>
Note: C We recommend the use of Malossi bearings dedicated to the RC-One crankcase (code 6617154).
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