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The Stage6 R / T tachometer & egrave; now available in a new and improved MK2 version. The display is now; even more; clear and therefore more & ugrave; easy to read, and reliability & agrave; of measurements & egrave; been further improved. The MK2 tachometer is; available in 3 colors (orange, black and white).
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The multifunctional device ideal for racing, but also useful for use on the road.
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Hardware and software have undergone a complete overhaul and benefit from the latest technological advances in the field. Small gaskets were added to the caps. Everything is displayed on a rather large screen with very quick reading. The device is powered by 12V battery and & egrave; ready for use after being connected.
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& Egrave; equipped with two PT-1/8 'temperature sensors (which can be easily mounted without adapter on horizontal Minarelli LC cylinders), which detect the temperature in two points of the cooling circuit or can be used as a lambdameter using optional accessories.
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Pu & ograve; be used for two and four stroke engines. For Piaggio, Peugeot and Am6, thermostats with M10 x 1.0 (PIAGGIO) or M14 x 1.25 (PEUGEOT AND AM6) pitch are available
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-Engine revolutions: 0 - 20,000 rpm (100 rpm per segment)
-Speed range bar graph: 0 - 15,000 (250 rpm per segment) or 0 - 20,000 rpm (333 rpm per segment)
-Light change setting: 5,000 - 20,000 rpm
-Thermometer A / B (& deg; C or & deg; F)
-Overheating alarm
-A / F ratio
- Clock
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